treb: embedded spreadsheets for the web

TREB is a fully-functional spreadsheet application that supports complex functions, formatting, styling, and layout. It’s lightweight and designed for easy embedding in web pages and web apps.

The point of TREB is not to be a replacement for a full spreadsheet. Here, the spreadsheet is just part of a complex document – not the document itself. It’s super-simple to embed in a webpage: you can do it with just two HTML tags. The main library is small, and documents are designed to be small and load fast.

Fully Functional

  • Full spreadsheet function library
  • Comprehensive number formatting
  • Themeable

Easy to Embed and Use

  • Library is only ~160kB gzipped
  • Compact JSON files
  • Import & export XLSX and CSV

We use TREB to demonstrate how to use our Monte Carlo plugin (and TREB can run Monte Carlo simulations, too!) Click here for an example.