EmbeddedSpreadsheet class

embedded spreadsheet


string | undefined
document name (metadata)
headless state
current grid scale
opaque user data (metadata)


Show the about dialog.
Activate sheet.
Add a sheet, optionally named.
Apply borders to range.
Apply style to range.
Use this function to batch multiple document changes.
Cancel subscription
Remove a named range (removes the name, not the range).
Create a macro function.
Create a named range.
Delete columns(s).
Delete row(s).
Delete a sheet.
Evaluate an arbitrary expression in the spreadsheet.
Export to XLSX file.
Export sheet as CSV/TSV.
Focus the grid.
Format a number with an arbitrary formatter.
set freeze area
freeze at current selection
return current freeze area
Returns the current selection, as a string address or range.
Get sheet ID, by name (sheet name) or index.
Show or hide sheet.
Insert an annotation node.
Insert column(s).
Insert an image.
Insert row(s).
Load CSV from string.
unserialize document from data.
load a document from from local storage, using the given key.
Load a desktop file.
load a network document by URI.
Merge cells in range.
Parse a string and return a number (if possible).
Recalculate sheet.
Delete a macro function.
Rename a sheet.
Clear/reset sheet.
Update layout and repaint if necessary.
Resolve a string address/range to an address or area (range) object.
Save the current document to a desktop file.
Save document to local storage.
Scroll to the given address.
Select a range.
Serialize document to a plain javascript object.
Set width of column(s).
Set or remove a link in a cell.
Set note (comment) in cell.
Set data in range.
Set height of row(s).
Show or hide sheet.
Subscribe to spreadsheet events
Revert state one level from the undo stack.
Unmerge cells in range.
Update theme from CSS.

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