Add spreadsheets to any web page, app or blog

TREB spreadsheets are easy to use, flexible and free!

TREB is a full-featured, advanced spreadsheet that you can embed in your web pages and web applications. Use it to build models, demonstrate calculations or show off your data.


Embed a spreadsheet with just one HTML tag, or use the API. Works in all modern browsers.


Customize colors, styles, and layout. Includes comprehensive number and date formatting.


Use the API to integrate spreadsheets with your web app to create interactive data models.

What is TREB?

TREB is the spreadsheet component written for and RiskAMP web. It's a full-featured spreadsheet, but it can be embedded in any web page to show data, highlight a calculation model, or support user input.

TREB has a complete library of spreadsheet functions, comprehensive style and formatting options, number and date formats, and more! It can read and write XLSX files so it works with any other spreadsheet.

Try TREB bin!

TREB bin is the easiest place to create and share spreadsheets. Try it at!

Get Started

  • Check the docs for a quick walkthrough of how to embed a spreadsheet in a web page.
  • Try it out using our spreadsheet editor.
  • Then download the library and build your own website!