TREB Embedded spreadsheets for the web

Embedded spreadsheets for the web

TREB is an embedded spreadsheet for the web. It’s a fully-functional spreadsheet application that supports complex functions, formatting, styling, and layout.

The point of TREB is not to be a replacement for a full spreadsheet. Here, the spreadsheet is just part of a complex document – not the document itself. It’s super-simple to embed in a webpage: you can do it with just two HTML tags. The main library is small, and documents are designed to be small and load fast.

TREB supports running Monte Carlo simulations right in your browser (click the “play” button). We use it for demonstrating how to use the RiskAMP Add-in in a spreadsheet model. It’s also the base for a number of other web applications.

You can modify the spreadsheet and re-run the simulation to see the effect of your changes. Click “reset” to revert to the original spreadsheet. If you make changes and want to save them, click “download” to save it as an XLSX file.

Browser compatibility

TREB supports all modern browsers, on desktop and mobile. We support IE11, but there are limitations (and it’s slow). We recommend using something else.