Embedded spreadsheets for the web

TREB is an embedded spreadsheet for the web. It’s a fully-functional spreadsheet application that supports complex functions, formatting, styling, and layout.

The point of TREB is not to be a replacement for a full spreadsheet. Here, the spreadsheet is just part of a complex document – not the document itself. It’s super-simple to embed in a webpage: you can do it with just two HTML tags. The main library is small, and documents are designed to be small and load fast.

Fully Functional

  • Full spreadsheet function library
  • Comprehensive number formatting
  • Themeable

Easy to Embed and Use

  • Library is only ~130kB GZipped
  • Compact JSON files
  • Import & export XLSX and CSV

We use TREB to demonstrate how to use our Monte Carlo plugin (and TREB can run Monte Carlo simulations, too!) Click here for an example.